Elevage de Melcourt


The standard of the King Charles Spaniel


General Appearance:
Compact and cobby, on refined lines, chest wide and deep, legs short and straight, back short and level, tail well flagged and not carried over the level of the back. Movement free, active and elegant.

Head and Skull:
Skull massive in comparaison to size, well-domed, and full over the eyes. Nose black with large open nostrils, very short and turned up to meet the skull. The stop between skull and nose should be well defined. Jaw: muzzle square, wide and deep and weel turned up, lower jaw wide, lips exactly meeting giving a nice finish. The cheeks should not fall away under the eyes, but be well cushioned up. A protuding tongue is objectionable, but does not disqualify.

Very large and dark, set wide apart, with eyelids block square to face line, and with pleasing expression.

Set on low, and to hang quite flat to cheeks, very long and well feathered.

Long, silky and straight. A slight wave allowed, not curly. The legs, ears and tail should be profusely feathered.

Black and Tan : A rich glossy black, with bright mahogany tan markings, on muzzle, legs, chest, lining of ears, under tail, and spots over the eyes.
Tricolour : Ground pearly white and well distributed black patches, brilliant tan markings on cheeks, lining of ears, under tail, and spots over the eyes. A wide white blaze between the eyes and up the forehead.
Blenheim : A ground of pearly white with well distributed chestnut red patches. A wide clear blaze with the 'spot' in center of skull. The spot should be a clear chesnut red mark about the size of a siwpence in the centre of skull.
Ruby : Whole coloured, a rich chestnut red.

Weight and Size:
The most desirable size is six to twelve pounds.

The presence of a few white hairs on the chest of a Black and Tan or Ruby is undesirable, but a white patch is a major fault.


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